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very good

very good

What happened to my entry?

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You'll need to email me.

Done. (send to resetc64 at gmail com)

and small gameplay - all games:

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44:57 - Can I help you sir? :)
The 10Liner adaption of ZeHa's Teleporter is a "puzzle" version of the game, which means you can relax and think about the next step before you press the direction.

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Avoid is a great game! However, it starts out too fast.

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Want a cheat for Mini Danmaku 64?
Freeze the game with your favourite Action Replay cartridge.

Enter the following POKE for infinite energy:

POKE 5374,96

and restart the game. 

(Don't try to do this with just a reset, it will corrupt the bullet patterns)

Thanks for organizing this ! lots of good stuff to enjoy here :)

Quite amazing! It's incredible what can be achieved in 4kb!


That's a LOT of entries. Fantastic showing of contributions.


Craptastic was your idea and you pushed me to do it. Thank-you for that! :-)


Just a gentle shove :P
I think it's a great compo. Brings some the best of the the c64 scene. Great stuff.

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*Wendy's Lady Voice* Where's the zip?

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ZIP archive of all games will be available straight after the deadline has passed :-)