Craptastic Zip Update

  • Bugfixed (non compo) version of '1991 USSR deep space probe control centre janitor' by Goerp added. There was an error that caused the game to crash while decrunching under certain conditions.
  • Small updates/fixes to the 'Craptastic 2020' text file.
  • Craptastic_2020_Compilation_v2 added. This is a disk compilation of every Craptastic 2020 game, kindly put together by Richard Bayliss.


Craptastic2020 3.3 MB
Jul 02, 2020
Craptastic_2020_Compilation_v2.d64 170 kB
Jul 02, 2020

Get 2020 Reset64 4kb 'Craptastic' Game Compo

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