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Very nice and funny game, even for this system. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:05:31. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Hello, unfortunately the game does not work on the game console "The Vic 20". The graphics are only dimly recognizable: colors are wrong, picture confusion. I wrote a cjm-file: "X:vic,32k,pal,fullheight". Unfortunately without success.  In Europe, i want to play this game with the pal settings.

Do you have a suitable cjm-fille? Thank you very much!

Quick, smooth, very funny, colorful and with great sound! A game that reminds me my days playing platforms on the Spectrum. Great job!

Is v1.5 going to be the final version? This looks great!

Yes, highly likely.

very good

Hi! on VICE 3.5 the exit from level one never lights up, so I can't proceed to the next level. I have also followed this guide, and repeated the same steps with no luck!


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It should work. Have you got all of the diamonds/keys? On the second screen, there is another screen to the right that people miss. You need to jump off the tree branch. It's a tough one, you have to take a leap of faith! The YouTube video was of a version which contained a bug, which meant you could complete the level without finding all of the diamonds.

No, I didn't see that. But, to be honest, this is a quite naive game design mistake: how can anyone believe there is a path you MUST follow this way, in a game where jumping off too high leads to instant death?


Leap of faith is almost always a bad design choice. You may use it for secret areas to reward daring players, but not for areas one must travel to finish a level. How is the player supposed to find about it? By blindly trying every possible risky jump? Naaah...

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You both make good points. In our defence, it's the only screen in the entire level where you would possibly need to jump to access the next screen, so it's really the only choice remaining and the only one that would risk a life. It was to encourage exploration and risk taking. We have included a map pack so hopefully you can still enjoy the game.  If not, thanks for the feedback and for trying our game. Hopefully our next game is more to your liking :-)

thanks for taking the time to reply😃I like the game very much, you did a really good job! that is why the choice of the leap of faith in that spot sticks out so much IMHO. keep up the good work!

Thank-you. This is Kevin (Reset64 editor) here. Derek, the coder and designer of GMD, does read and appreciate these comments 😊

Very impressive game! Level 4 in the snow just looks so nice. I would have been ecstatic for just that level as, say an  8 K,  Christmas game back in 1983.




An excellent game, albeit quite difficult. I took the liberty of creating a full playthrough video (with savestate assistance).

I don't know if it's a bug or intentional, but if I stop right next to the second diamond in level 1, the score goes up and it was also the only level where the acoustic signal sounded before the last diamond was collected.

Anyway, great job Derek!

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Thank-you! Love the video! All diamond and key bugs should be fixed with the latest version. Unfortunately, your video is now wrong for level one (and possibly some others). There was a bug which meant you didn't have to collect all the diamonds to pass the level. This has now been fixed. Sorry about that :-/

Amazing what can still be done with the humble little Vic20.

Another cracking game from Sir Derek! #VIC20Rulez! Well done mate. 

great game!

looks vic20 can have a cool graphics

Derek, you really rocks !! 

Very nice game!

very good

Very good !