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We’re excited to present to you the the 2018 Reset64 4KB 'Craptastic' Game Competition - official compilation disk.

“What the bloom’n heck does craptastic mean?”, I hear you ask.

It certainly doesn’t mean crap, although it can! Craptastic can mean ludicrous, bonkers, outrageous, funny, wacky, far out, and silly. The theme simply implies that the compo was just for a bit of fun, not a serious coding competition. Competitors were welcome to make an excellent game to submit for the compo, or games that contain some humour or silliness to fit more with the theme, but they didn’t have to!

The competition was limited to 4KB. Yes, any entry submitted could be no more than 4KB when compressed!

We hope you enjoy these wonderful games that were made for the compo. Thanks to all of the competitors and compo prize sponsors.

Compilation Credits:

Menu code + music: Richard Bayliss
Craptastic logos: Simon Quernhorst
Help + text: Kevin Tilley



Games List:

@_fou_lu: Shinobiden Gaiden (Out of compo)
Chris Page: Freaky Fish
Cout: $100 Blox
Cout: I Found A Moon Rock In My Nose
Cout: Plunko
Cout: Roll Roll Roll
Derek: Elevator Eric
Derek: Endless Worlds
Derek: Mind the Mines
Endurion: 4kventure
James: #2 v abc
Geir Straume: Wave Hero
Goerp: Parking Assist Chicken (PAC)
Igmar Coenen: G7000 Racer
Jamie Fuller: Snake-a-Space
Jamie Fuller: Memory Safe
Karol Stasiak: Space Poker
Malcontent: Mach-Tank
Matthew Clarke:  Sheeps!
Megastyle: Kalle Kloakk 4k
Megastyle: Trump Tower
Misfit: WTF
Paul Koller: Conga 4096
Pond/Privy Software: Chef Quest
Pond/Privy Software: Dustin'
Raffaele Formato/Raffox: Orbs
Richard Bayliss/Alf Yngve: Rabid Robots 4k
Richard Bayliss/Shaun Pearson: Toxic

ZIP Archive containing all games available now!

Official 2018 'Craptastic' disk compilation by Richard Bayliss now available!

Includes disk image for C64Mini

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorReset64 Magazine


Craptastic Compo 2018 Collection.07102018.zip 562 kB
RESET_CRAPTASTIC_2018.d64 170 kB
THEC64-drive8.d64 170 kB

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very good

Some really great games here! Congrats to all the authors.


They were all amazing!

Okay, I've finally played ALL entries. Excellent crop this year. I have a few faves that are truly awesome 4k masterpieces.

Absolutely!!  I have a few that are definitely my favourites but there are so many good ones, and even the games I don't like are bloody impressive efforts!

Yeah! Great new stuff is comming to my Pi1541.

Nooo download link! nooo!


Will be a week or two at least I think, but Richard is already onto it!

HAH! Awesome!