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We’re excited to present to you the the 2022 Reset64 4kb Craptastic Game Competition - official compilation disk.

What the bloom’n heck does craptastic mean?”, I hear you ask.

It certainly doesn’t mean crap, although it can! Craptastic can mean ludicrous, bonkers, outrageous, funny, wacky, far out, and silly. The theme simply implies that the compo was just for a bit of fun, not a serious coding competition. Competitors were welcome to make an excellent game to submit for the compo, or games that contain some humour or silliness to fit more with the theme, but they didn’t have to!

The competition was limited to 4KB. Yes, any entry submitted could be no more than 4KB when compressed!

We hope you enjoy these wonderful games that were made for the compo. Thanks to all of the competitors and compo prize sponsors.

Games List:

Please keep an eye out on each game's page for possible updates and enhancements. Official release pages for each game, credits and instructions can be found in the downloadable readme file.

1. Delve - Puddlesoft (Anthony Stiller) 

2. Infinirail - Goerp 

3. Snake Break - Encore 

4. Brum Brum - Megastyle (Roy Fielding) 

5. Circles - James 

6. HeadHunter - George Kirkham 

7. Marble Boy - Roman Werner 

8. Old Mine Hoist - Geir Straume 

9. Poke4k - Protovision (Oziphantom) 

10. Bring Back More Bones 4k - Commocore 

11. Hard Foam - Twain Pain Games 

12. 20 - Arlasoft 

13. Be A Bear 4k - Patagonia 

14. Brownfinger - Megastyle (Docster) 

15. Catch 22 - Cout Games 

16. Gun Shooty Game V0.1 - Martin Piper 

17. Jolly Jumper - Megastyle (Docster) 

18. Jump Course - Charles Grey 

19. Little Nippers 4k - TND (Richard Bayliss) 

20. Mike Quarter - Arlasoft 

21. Mimizuku Saga 4k - Commocore 

22. Morubotto - Cogitare Computing 

23. Nurikabe - Carleton Handley 

24. Skiddy 4k - Design/Chaos (Chris Page) 

25. Skyhigh the Prequel: Muck in the Stratosphere - Dusan Milivojevic 

26. Ant Stiller's Tophat Challenge - Cameron Davis 

Out of compo:

27. Dicing With Death - Megastyle (Monstersgoboom)

ZIP Archive containing all games available now!

Official 2022 'Craptastic' disk compilation by Megastyle:

The official compilation was this time compiled by the awesome team at Megastyle. A big thank-you to Megastyle for putting the compilation together. 

Credits as follows:

  • Code: Six & Docster
  • Music & PETSCII graphics: Rotteroy
  • Graphics: Sparkler
  • Charset: MonstersGoBoom

The compilation is available right here, or can also be downloaded from CSDb:



A massive THANK-YOU to our generous compo sponsors and supporters. Please visit and support them!


Bitmap Books

Fusion Retro Books

Bitmap Soft

BoBR Games


Thanks to Roysterini for the 2022 Craptastic banners.

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Nice work ! and thansk for the compilation file.

very good

(1 edit) (+1)

With both of these 3D PETSCII engines you can creat such amazing Dungeon Crawler experiences -- it'd be a bit of a crrRRRrrying shame (roll that R!) not to make them into bigger, badder, better badass dungeon explorer games! :3 Think big! Think Eye of the PETSIIHOLDER! :) Think PETSCII MASTER! Think Lands of PETSCII! Think! :D


Oh crap! So many funtrashtic games! Well done, everyone!


Hi, kudos for this great competition, very inspiring even for non-coders like me. When are the results coming?


Another excellent array of entries, crossing genres and styles. So much fun!