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Deep Scan (VIC20, PAL, 35kb) 

By Derek.


Deep Scan (VIC20) is a port of a 1979 Sega/Gremlin arcade game. More information on the original game can be found here --> https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7543

To play Deep Scan, you must hit the moving subs with your depth chargers, while avoiding the mines launched by the subs. 

Deep Scan is a 1 player game for your 35kb expanded VIC20, featuring colourful graphics, great presentation and frantic arcade gameplay. It requires fast reflexes and great timing!

Deep Scan will work on PAL VIC20s with 35kb RAM expansion (all memory banks open).

VIC20 instructions:

  • Use joystick direction up/down to fire your depth charges
  • You can only fire up to 6 depth charges at a time
  • Hit subs to score points/advance the bonus
  • Avoid mines launched by the subs
  • Score bonus by hitting the red subs
  • Bonus advances faster as more subs are hit
  • Mines increase with missed subs

Deep Scan will work on a PAL Commodore VIC20, TheC64/TheVIC20 or your favourite VIC20 emulator. A file configured and ready to play on the The C64/TheVIC20 is included in the downloads, as well as a standard PRG file and D64 image.

NOTE: Deep Scan requires a PAL Vic20 and 35kb RAM Expansion to work. 


Original Arcade Game by Sega/Gremlin 1979

Vic20 Programming, Graphics & Sound: Derek

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DeepScan.prg 22 kB
deepscan_MVTPB0B1B2B3B5.d64 170 kB


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Hi Derek, my compliment for this very nice, port.

PS: There is a way to PM you? mail? thanks.


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I've sent an email to your gmail account.

I haven't received anything. Please resend and I will pass any emails on to Derek :-)

very good